Brian Edwards
CDC Certified Divorce Coach
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Brian Edwards is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach and Founder of BE Empowered Divorce Coaching.  He works with busy professionals who are juggling a confusing divorce, a demanding career and usually an extremely busy role as a parent.  He helps them overcome the overwhelm, maintain personal and professional productivity, while making the best possible decisions for themselves and their families.  He has spent the last 15 years working as a paralegal in a busy sole practitioner, family law firm, where he has helped his firm’s clients deal with many of the same issues, only without training or a framework to work within.  Now, with training in Divorce Coaching and as a Certified Mediator and a Certified Family Law Mediator, he has the tools he needs to help you through your divorce, intact and in control.  


Brian has lived most of his life in the Texas Panhandle.  Born in Hereford, Texas in 1966, he was raised in this small agricultural community and lived here until 2003 when he, his wife, Vaavia, and son Bryson moved to Canyon, Texas so that Vaavia could open up her own law firm and begin practicing family law in nearby Amarillo.  In 2004, Vaavia needed a paralegal, and Brian stepped in and learned the role and has been assisting her with her clients since. A second son, Beau, joined the family in 2007.


Brian’s passion for helping people through the most difficult times in their lives stems from his family situation as a child.  His parents went through a particularly nasty divorce in the late 1970’s and it has dawned on Brian that 38 years later, his siblings and he, are still regularly dealing with the mistakes that their parents made during this divorce.  It has been his passion for years to help other people going through a divorce do so in a manner that will allow their children to have healthy relationships with everyone in the family.


Brian enjoys being outdoors.  He loves camping, fishing, hunting and mountain biking.  He is very active in his young boys’ activities and has coached them both in baseball, football and soccer.  He continues to work with his wife, Vaavia, in her law practice and has recently been certified as a Divorce Coach, Mediator and Family Law Mediator.  He and his family are looking forward to the changes that are surely coming their way.

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