The overwhelming nature of divorce leads to six very common mistakes. These mistakes can cause significant problems down the road. They can lead to major legal, financial, and emotional mishaps with long-term effects.

1 - Throwing in the Towel

"I just want this over with!"


Rushing through the divorce process can have serious consequences, like years of constantly going back to court to try to remedy what went wrong in the first place: Housing, Child Support, Family Pets, Religion, Education, Car and Car Insurance, etc.

2 - Taking the “My Way or the Highway” Approach

"I don’t want to listen to you."
"I am right you won't change my mind!"


This approach can dramatically increase your legal costs, result in nasty surprises in court, even cause you to ignore a good settlement due to your anger. You likely won't get what you really want or you'll get worn down and throw in the towel

3 - Betting the Farm on Another Relationship

"My new boyfriend/husband will take care of me."
"I just want out so I don’t care about the support or the asset division"


Making decisions based on a relationship which is not a sure thing may be a short-term fix and may have a significant impact on your future.

4 - Allowing Others to Make Your Decisions

"My lawyer told me this is what I have to do."
"I'm sure the judge will make the right decision."


You may think that the lawyers and judges have the answers but only you know what will work best for you and your family.

5 - Wanting Guarantees and Certainty

"I don’t know if this is a good settlement."
"I can’t make agree without some guarantees."


Don't be paralyzed by indecision! An offer could be reduced or withdrawn, or the Judge could make a decision based on statutes.

6 - Not Getting Information from Qualified Sources

"I will just ask my friends who have been divorced."
"I can count on my lawyer."


Each divorce is unique. It's important to seek out other expertise and objectivity in addition to legal advice. We know these professionals and can make referrals as needed.

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