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What is a divorce coach?

A divorce coach is trained to use a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide you through your divorce based on your individual circumstances, concerns, wants and needs.

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® is trained in the professional standards for personal divorce coaching and is overseen by the Board of Ethics.

What a divorce coach is not.

A divorce coach is not an attorney and they can not give legal advice.

Divorce coaches are not therapists, financial professionals, clergy, or mediators.

The good news is, we know all of these other divorce professional and can offer referrals so that you will have everything you will need in place to go through your divorce.

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What can a divorce coach do for you?

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® can help you in every step of the divorce process:

  • Discovering which divorce process is best for you

  • Prioritizing and organizing so you can focus on the things most important to you

  • Navigating the divorce process with less stress and drama

  • Avoiding the 6 Biggest Mistakes in Divorce

  • Preparing you for meetings with lawyers and other divorce professionals

  • Saving time, money, and emotional energy

  • Moving forward, letting go of fear and resentment

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